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            520彩票 » Inside Semi-Truck Sleepers

            Inside Semi-Truck Sleepers

             In Trucking Blog

            This article includes information about semi truck sleeper cab interiors, amenities, personal touches and other benefits. Featured image is a Mack, their highway brochure is linked in the references. Scroll down to see more pictures of sleeper cab interiors.

            Modern Sleeper Cabs

            modern kenworth semi truck sleeper cab interior

            (Credit: Truck News – Kenworth)

            It’s not always easy being on the road for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Luckily, many truck manufacturers are well aware of that, and are ramping up efforts to greatly improve modern semi truck sleeper cabs.

            In fact, several large trucking companies, such as Kenworth and Peterbilt, are now making the quality of cab interiors a top priority. By investing a little more in these amenities, drivers can rest more comfortably in their 520彩票网 away from 520彩票网.

            Semi Truck Sleeper Cab Amenities

            Over the years, companies have begun making improvements to the inside of their cabs. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, a minimalist design was often the standard. By that, we mean a twin bed and a cup holder. Now, many cabs come fully loaded to maximize driver comfort. Nicer amenities have become customary to enhance modern day sleeper cabs. Things like microwaves, miniature refrigerators, and even televisions have become the new normal.

            semi truck sleeper cab amenities

            (Credit: Mack Highway Brochure, reference link below)

            Personal Touches Inside A Sleeper Cab

            Some drivers, particularly owner operators, have invested heavily into personalizing their sleeper cabs to fit their own personal wants and needs. In fact, for many drivers, decorating their living space on wheels has even become a hobby.

            personalization of semi truck sleeper cab interior

            (Credit: 8 Images)

            Another example of a personalized sleeper cab interior.

            semi truck sleeper cab personalize

            (Credit: Jose Albertoanon)

            Clearly, some drivers go above and beyond to create a luxurious sleeper cab, but for others it can be essential to find that level of comfort. And, of course, many owner operators now bring their significant other, children, and pets along for the ride, so the ability to recreate the comforts of 520彩票网 are not just for the drivers, anymore.

            Sleeper Cab Storage Compartments

            Efficient storage space is a prized commodity and can be limited inside a semi-truck. Though, most sleeper cabs have places to store personal items like clothes, entertainment items, food & drinks, toiletries and kitchenware.

            semi truck sleeper cab storage compartments

            (Credit: Kenworth, reference link below)

            Sleeper Cab Electric Power Sources

            As for power, diesel-powered auxiliary power units (APU) or an inverter will both provide sufficient electricity. APU’s are better quality but they’re generally quite a bit more expensive as well.

            Carrier Comfort Pro APU

            (Credit: Carrier Comfort Pro APU installed, reference link below)

            “Interest in solar panels is growing among fleet managers because the main truck batteries are often no longer able to meet the power needs of today’s trucks due to increased driver comfort demands, and new idle-reduction legislation.” (reference below)

            There are also some very nice portable solar powered energy stations I’ve seen used by inventive truckers.

            solar panels on semi truck

            (Credit: NACFE, reference link below)

            Sleeper Cab Bathrooms

            Some modern semi truck sleeper cabs have very nice travel bathrooms installed right inside. There are also a variety of portable toilets on the market today. Portable toilets come in several different tank sizes. Worried about annoying smells? There are additives to reduce odors and break down waste.

            bathroom in semi sleeper cab

            (Credit: Core77 post, reference link below)

            Benefits of Well-Designed & Maintained Sleeper Cabs

            It’s not just the drivers seeing benefits of improved sleeper cabs. In fact, several trucking companies are also seeing a strong return on investment when it comes to more comfortable living situations for their employees.

            “When we talk to fleets today, we hear that a lot of them experience greater than 100% driver turnover annually,” says Jim Natchman, heavy-duty product marketing manager for International Trucks. “In fact, a typical driver today may work for a fleet for less than a year before moving on for better treatment. And and background checks cost fleets a lot of money. So there are real benefits to retaining drivers today. And we think the interior of the trucks they drive, work, and live in for extended periods is a logical place to start.”

            Not only does this greater emphasis on driver comfort impact turnover rates, but it can also lead to career longevity among drivers. According to Kenworth’s marketing manager, , they’ve even heard about longtime drivers deciding to postpone retirement plans because they feel they can continue working more comfortably in these trucks.

            Yes, life on the road can have its challenges, but an uncomfortable sleeper cab doesn’t have to be one of them anymore.

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